We know how important your bike is to you. That’s why every roof bike rack in our stores is designed to ensure maximum protection for your bike. Choose between our iconic fork, frame or wheel-mounted bike racks – all super easy to mount on your roof racks.

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  • −18% Thule FastRide

    Thule FastRide

    Original price was: 340,00€.Current price is: 280,00€.
  • −24% Thule FreeRide

    Thule FreeRide

    Original price was: 145,00€.Current price is: 110,00€.
  • −25% Thule ProRide Aluminium

    Thule ProRide

  • −20% Thule TopRide

    Thule TopRide

    Original price was: 433,00€.Current price is: 345,00€.
  • −18% Thule UpRide

    Thule UpRide

    Original price was: 420,00€.Current price is: 345,00€.